Hi, I'm D. I'm a visual artist and sometimes I make videos which mostly focus on journeys of transition into more sustainable ways of living. Before a shift, there's usually a trigger, which won't always looks the same for everybody. Experiences will differ, just as much as different journeys will, there isn't only one path into a more sustainable life and world.


My work is freely available to all, if you enjoy it in any way, feel free to show your appreciation with a symbolic cup of coffee as a token of gratitude over at buy me a coffee.


Just like building a house, the best results emerge when we all combine our efforts and our different fields of knowledge. Zero waste, vegan, organic crops, permaculture, fair wages, anti-racism, decolonialization, etc, one person alone cannot focus on all the different movements that need our attention. Depending on the situation, sometimes the way these things intersect will restrict our movements. Have you ever tried to go grocery shopping and limit yourself to products that tick all of the following three: zero-waste, vegan, organic? Yes, depending on where you live this might easy, but it's not widely so.

This is why, it's important to see as many different types of personal journeys, because when we see something that rings closer to home (perhaps someone with a similar background to ours) suddenly such a path doesn't sound impossible to us anymore.

And maybe sometimes, all we need is the right questions to motivate us to go out on our own to find the answers for ourselves.

No matter how it looks to each one of us, a little goes a long way. Our droplets will form an ocean.

It's time to transition into a more beautiful sustainable world.


If you have any questions or just want to talk, feel free to drop me an email at d@dwsage.com.