On a cloudy sunset sky, in yellows, oranges and blue, the text reads: A Slower Journey

A Slower Journey

A couple covers each other's eyes with their hand

BL!ND - Commercial Propaganda

Couple standing next to each other in a garden, surrounded by greens against a blue sky. Text reads: Stillness?

Video Diary 02: Stillness

Happy Couple Trips. Animated sequence of photos of the same couple standing side by side in different landscapes

Happy Couple Trips

Out by a creek whith building in the distance, a person looks absorbed in thought

Video Diary 01: The Journey is Home

A metal object fashioned to look like a cow

Cow on Fingers - Objects of Objectification

A pendant  in a rough texture, shaped vaguely like the head of a Geisha

Aged Geisha - Objects of Objectification

A man sits in front of a chaotic wall

Suspended Moments

A milk carton that reads: All natural whole breast milk

Milk: Questions We Forget to Ask - Commercial Propaganda