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A deeply personal and experimental documentary, at its core A Slower Journey is a personal letter to the audience. A conversation about waking up to the world around us and a reflection about change in our lives. It touches on our relationship to ourselves, each other, nature and the environment.

Full length - 23:58 min


Once you see how damaging your life is to the world around you, you cannot unsee it anymore.
Not without driving yourself crazy.

Why can't we just go backto the basics? Start over, start from the beginning. What do we need? What are the basics? And build up from there again.

I don't wanna grow up and be a bitter old man!
Wait, did I already grow?

You know, it's really exhausting wanting to want...
No, wait. That's not it.

Sometimes being here, I... I fell like this is my childhood dream that came true somehow.
Isn't that crazy?

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A Slower Journey
2019 video