Short narrative on gender identity, an internal struggle with the binary.


He was a she, and she was born a princess: overprotected and spoiled. She was he, and he was miserable. She grew up in luxury, never having to fend for herself. The warrior inside her, he who is she, grew numb and frustrated. For no war to fight is a warrior's death. If he dies, she dies.

She grew tired and bored. She and he shared the same agony. He and she shared the same body, they were one. Yet they were in constant conflict with each other. One day he broke through her skin and they bled. He was happy and proud, for a warrior is meant to bear the scars of war. She cried and kept quiet, for a maiden is meant to bear pain in silence. They struggled for years, self inflicting themselves upon the other.

Until one day, they merged together. They ceased their inner war and all went quiet. And so it remains today. Until one awakens. And when one does, so will the other, for they are one and the same.

The Warrior and the Princess
2020 video