A quiet life

Acknowledging the pervasiveness of noise and sounds

More than a simplified life, I crave a quiet life.

Sound plays such an important part in our lives. And yet we don't really give it the importance it deserves. We are surrounded by noise that drains us, even if we're accustomed to it. Phones ringing, notifications buzzing, cars speeding by, machinery working in the background, electrical appliances humming, the list goes on.

Noise polution

Even if your brain is filtering it out, it is still junk that gets processed. It's like entering a room full of trash (yes, trash that you dispose of and is smelly), you can still find a nice chair to sit in, but it's not really a place that you would want to stay for long. You wouldn't feel good sitting there for long, and it might even affect your health if you stay there too long, breathing in trash. Although of course if you have to stay there you eventually get used to the smell and no longer notice it.

Nobody in their right minds would do that. But yet, when it comes to sound we do it. We sit on all this filth and even add to it ourselves, burying ourselves and others deeper in it. It's quite exhausting.

We tend to think sound pollution is not as bad as all the others, such as water and air pollution for example, but is it not really?

Vibrating Universe

"We are nothing but melodies. We are nothing but cosmic music played out on vibrating strings and membranes. Obeying the laws of physics, which is nothing but the laws of harmony of vibrating strings."
⏤ Michio Kaku, The Universe Is a Symphony of Vibrating Strings

If we think about string theory, it proposes that the universe is basically vibrating strings that manifest into what we perceive as ourselves and our environment. Maybe then it makes sense that sounds affects us and our health much more than we believe.

Just like musical notes, when resonating in harmony it creates beautiful music but it can also produce very discomforting noise when not in harmony. So what if, when our bodies are constantly exposed to noise, they can't fully reach harmony? Meaning, what if your body cannot perform at its full potential then?


As a small child, my parents sometimes took me to carnies, where the music was extremely loud. So loud it interfered my heart. It felt like the beat of the music was overriding my heart's rhythm and I felt extremely uncomfortable in that setting.

When I'm well I can deal with chaos, but when I'm sick I'm seriously disturbed by noise, almost as if it physically hurts me. Sure, you can say I'm just sensitive, my brain is busy fighting off something else on my body and is not filtering as well.But does that invalidate the fact that we're so exposed to unhealthy noises and that we absorb them all whether we're aware of it or not?

In my quest to a more minimalist and simple life, it's important to mention, that above all I seek a quiet life. A quiet, minimal, simple life away from this madness that we've grown accustomed to.

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Published: September 23, 2015